Up and Over Garage Doors

By far the most common garage door solution, Up and Over Garage Doors prove popular thanks to being a simple one-piece panel-hinged garage door.  Their simple construction means that they are very easy to operate, with little effort and exertion.

  • Security Locking
  • Our most economical solution
  • Automation available
  • Glazing available
  • Available in a variety of materials

Available with two distinct types of operating gears, canopy garage doors are the simplest and most common option.  As the name suggests, the opened panel door protrudes forward from its frame to form a canopy.  Providing the maximum drive-through width when opened and being very straightforward to install, canopy Up and Over Garage Doors are a big hit with the trades.  Canopy doors are balanced and assisted by their torsion springs which are positioned above the door panel, making for a very effortless-to-use garage door.

Retractable Up and Over Garage Doors utilise a slightly different mechanism which results in the door panel completely retracting into the garage.  Because the retractible mechanism protrudes slightly inwards, the drive-through width of the garage opening is reduced.  However, the design lends itself very well to remote control automation and with minimal equipment required.  Another advantage is that retractible mechanisms are capable of taking greater loads, thanks to their tension springs and therefore, much wider doors can be accommodated.

For more information on our Up and Over Garage Door range for trade customers, get in touch with a member of our team now!

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