The Coventry Garage Door team is here to help you along every step of the way, providing you with the very best garage door solution to complement your project, and to help source the exact model or part you require.

All of our team of technicians receive ongoing training to the very highest standards. This ensures that our customers always receive the greatest standards of service available. This commitment to excellence positions Coventry Garage Doors as the region's premier door firm for supply, installation and door repairs. To learn more about our fantastic team and our industry-leading products and services, scroll down and contact a team member today.



Roy is the longest-standing member of the Coventry Garage Doors team. Starting way back in 2000 as an installer, he later moved on to take a successful role in sales. In 2004, the original business partners made a decision to re-locate and in 2006 Roy bought in to the business before finally taking complete ownership in 2010. Roy also looks after our trade account customers.  He’s the general manager and ensures the Coventry Garage Doors ‘ship’ remains on course.

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Luke is our sales representative. Having spent many years working for some of the major garage door manufacturers, including one of the market leaders, he has extensive hands-on experience in all products from garage doors to entrance doors. He will be only too happy to answer any technical questions you may have.

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Bruce looks after our trade account customers, as well as being responsible for developing our customer base. With a background in installing and repairing doors, Bruce possesses extensive technical knowledge and is always happy to impart his wisdom through any technical queries.

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Abi is our marketing manager. Her job involves keeping our website and social media update and making sure our company is visible to all potential customers.



Clive joined Coventry Garage Doors way back in 2006. Starting off as an installer when we were predominantly a supply and install company, he then became Warehouse Manager. He is now looks after all our purchasing and order processing.


Daniel started with Coventry Garage Doors straight from leaving school back in 2004.  Briefly believing that the grass was greener, he left us after 8 years for a sales job, spending a great deal of time in London.  He spent two years in this job before realising his true destiny lay with Coventry Garage Doors, returning to us to take a project management role.  Daniel commands a wealth of Garage Door knowledge and relishes helping clients with assisted installs.



Dan is one of our delivery drivers. He relishes this role as it provides him time to contemplate his various projects and life goals which include; writing songs, books and even building container houses. .


Jay is our newest team member and is completely dedicated to whatever activity he’s doing at the time. A highly enthusiastic individual, Jay has quickly become a valued member of the Coventry Garage Doors team. Jay has previous experience in garage door installation, however he has spent the last few years working as a telehandler operator on building sites.  He now spends his time at Coventry Garage Doors either driving or helping out in the warehouse.



Ben is our main driver. Not only can Ben handle a garage door, he’s also a wiz on the guitar. Check out his band on the link



Zara works closely with Abi in Marketing. Zara conducts marketing and market research activities.  It’s also Zara’s responsibility to constantly analyse areas of the business that might benefit from improvements, as part of our already superior service offering.



Mac is a highly prized member of the Coventry Garage Doors team. Having gained previous experience installing garage doors, he started with us on our installation team before becoming a driver.  Mac possesses a Class 2H driving licence, something he earned whilst serving in the army.


Polly has enjoyed an interesting life so far, spending a number of years in Tanzania as a children worker and missionary. Her role at Coventry Garage Doors involves answering the phone and amusing our valued customers.  In addition to this, she liaises with our customers to arrange delivery dates, undertakes numerous other administrative activities and generally endeavours to keep us all smiling.   However, her most important role is making tea and buying our lunch.



Sharon started at Coventry Garage Doors in 2010. Her main role is to manage our financial accounts, although she involves herself in a number of other vital administrative duties.  Sharon loves the Royal family, Cornwall and her retrievers.  God Save the Queen!


No-one is sure when Vicky started here at Coventry Garage Doors.  She seems to have been here forever.  Vicky looks after the incoming and outgoing payments and keeps a keen eye on any debtors too.