Sectional Garage Doors

Coventry Garage Doors provides trade partners with some of the best Sectional Garage Doors available and at the very best prices.  Sectional garage doors are a very neat and stylish garage door solution, with their distinct advantage being their usage of space.  Because they open vertically, you’ll benefit from more space inside and in front of the garage, so an ideal choice for short driveways, garages next to paths and internal space limitations.

  • Available Insulated and Sealed
  • Automation available
  • No out-swing 
  • Ideal for workshops and playrooms
  • Glazing available 

Sectional Garage Doors get their name thanks to the way they open and close in separated, individual panel sections, operating vertically and without any swing-out from the structural opening and tracking mechanism.

Available in standard sizes, Sectional Garage Doors can be modernised if required and their compact design means that  they can also be installed just about anywhere; from rectangular to chamfered garage openings, to arches.

Sectional Garage Doors also prove to be one of the most popular garage door choices thanks to the enhanced safety and security they offer.  To find out more about our range, get in touch now.

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