Roller Garage Doors

Our Roller Garage Door range brings together stylish aesthetics with the best usage of space.  Because Roller Garage Doors open and close vertically, they take up very little room inside the garage, freeing up valuable space.  This also means that, because they do not protrude forwards when opening and closing, that vehicles can be parked right up to the garage door opening.

  • Open vertically
  • Use minimal space
  • Retains heat and blocks sound
  • Automation as standard
  • Glazing available

As well as providing maximum space both inside and outside the garage, Roller Garage Doors (otherwise known as Roll Up Garage Doors and Roller Shutter Garage Doors) are very easy to operate and provide enhanced security to belongings.

Easy to instal, Roller Garage Doors are available in a wide range of paint, wood and textured woodgrain finishes and are just as suitable for rectangular garage door openings as they are for chamfered openings and arches.

For the very best range of Roller Garage Doors at the keenest trade prices, speak to a member of the Coventry Garage Door team now to discuss your project requirements.

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